By the Western Wall


The Asian Research Center for Religion and Social Communication (ARC) was proposed by twenty-three Asian scholars at a roundtable conference on "Church/Religion and Social Communication Research" sponsored by the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences - Office of Social Communication (FABC-OSC) in April 1999 at Assumption University in Bangkok.

The participants proposed a permanent Center to secure ongoing and coordinated Research in the field. Bangkok's Saint John's University (SJU) voluntereed to house the proposed initiative in cooperation with FABC-OSC.

The ARC aims to:

  • Facilitate and support research on subjects related to Religion and Social Communication in Asia

  • To publish relevant studies and research in the bi-annual Journal titled Religion and Social Communication

  • Promote related publications in the field

  • Develop a network of interested researchers and institution

  • Foster inter-religious dialogue and cooperation in the field.