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Forest Trees


Vol. 20 No. 1, 2022

Editor's Column

             Deorithms- the "Rhythms" of God

             Anthony Le Duc, SVD

             Newly Constituted Editorial Board



             Christ, Cross, and COVID-19: Words that Never Die in the New Normal Religious Communication

             Norman Melchor R. Peña, Jr., SSP 

             Israeli Information Policy, COVID-19 and the Ultra-Orthodox Haredim
             Yoel Cohen with Ahuva Spitz

             SIMBAHAY: Flipping Church Service during the  COVID-19 Pandemic Uncertainty 

            and Implications to Spirituality
             Joshua Michael G. Jonas and Benjamina Paula G. Flor 


             Is Truthmaker Theory Sufficient to Solve the Gettier Problem?
             Caiqin Liu 



             The Future of Religion: Human Life- Education- Spirituality
             Pravat Kumar Dhal 


             Empathy: the Key to Handle Digital Communications Post-Pandemic
             Albertina Navas 


             In Memoriam: Thích Nhất Hạnh (1926-2022)

             Thích Nhất Hạnh and Socially Engaged Buddhism
             Shiju Paul, SVD


             Religion’s Sudden Decline: What’s Causing it, and What Comes Next? 

             Ronald F. Inglehart 

             Reviewer: Fumihiko Matsumoto


             The End(s) of Religion: A History of How the Study of Religion Makes Religion 


             Eric Bain-Selbo

             How God Works: The Science Behind the Benefits of Religion. 

             David DeSteno.

             Ecclesiology for a Digital Church: Theological Reflections on a New Normal.  

             Heidi A. Campbell and John Dyer (Eds).

             The full PDF version can be found here


Vol. 19 No. 2, 2021

Editor’s Column


            Religious Communication amid the Pandemic 

            Anthony Le Duc, SVD                                                                                                                    




            Impact of COVID-19 on Digital Religious Communication among

            Syro-Malabar Catholics of South India

            Robin Xavier, Mariot Jose Panjikaran, Angel Treasa Alex

            and Nandini Lakshmikantha                                                                                                          


            Global Responses to Neighborhood Change in the COVID-19 Pandemic

            and the Philippine Church’s Reception

            Rico C. Jacoba                                                                                                                                                                                  

            Religious Social Capital and Support in the Social Integration of Catholic Migrants in Vietnam

            Thu Huong Hoang, Thi Ngoc Anh Nguyen and Phuong Thanh Bui                                                        


            "Tengaw” Observance: The Kankanaey’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

            Brandon Billan Cadingpal                                                                                                            


            The Search for Meaning and Values in the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond: 

            Paradigm Shifts in Communicating the Joy of the Gospel                              

            Christina Kheng                                                                                                                               




            Ecclesial Communion: It Takes a Pandemic

            John Patrick Murray, OSA                                                                                                           


            Digi-Mission: You Will Be My Witnesses to the Ends of the Earth (Acts 1:8)

            Clement Baffoe, SVD


            The full PDF version can be found here.                                                                                                                  

Vol. 19 No. 1, 2021

    Editor’s Column
    Religious Engagement in the Covid-19 Pandemic
    Anthony Le Duc, SVD                                                                         

    In Memoriam: Franz-Josef Eilers, SVD, PhD (1932-2021)
    Kenneth E. Rayco                                   

    Catholic Liturgical Teleparticipation Before and During the Pandemic, and Questions for the New Normal
    Leo-Martin Angelo R. Ocampo                                                        


    Shaping Future Pastoral Leaders with Desirable Pastoral Skills in the Vietnam Church
    Joseph Nguyen Manh Ha, OP                                                        

   The Concept of Pluralistic Society in Qur’anic Perspectives
   Sulaiman Rifal                                     
    The Communicative Role of Camillian Chaplains in their Pastoral Ministry

    during the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Vince Henry M. Salles                                                                     
    Muslim Youth and State Building: Challenges and Opportunities
    Aina-Obe Shamsuddin Bolatito                                                      


    Full PDF version can be found here.

Vol. 18 No. 2, 2020

The Pastoral Methodology and Prospect of Korean Catholic Church in the Post-COVID-19 Era: Centering on the Integrated On-Offline Pastoral Ministry 
Minsoo Kim

John Hick’s Critical Realism Approach in the Digital Milieu
Fumihiko Matsumoto

Promiscuous Teleological Reasoning: A Pseudo Logical Reasoning
Morad Nazari  


Mission as Dialogue with Vietnamese Culture: The Vietnamness -- Vietnamese Theology
Michael Nguyen, svd  

What is Good about Digital Technology in Discipling Youth
Vo Huong Nam 

Analysis of the Malayalam Films “EE. MA. YAU” and “AMEN” on the Basis of

Regional Culture and Religion in South Indian Context
Smitha Elsy Sebastian and Unni Krishnan K 

The Full PDF version can be found here.

Vol. 18 No. 1, 2020

The Call of the Digital Age for Lay Participation: An Answer to Transparency of the Church

Brang Mai Lazing

Q.R. Codes of Deities: Digital Media @ the Service of Religion in Taiwan

Paulin Batairwa Kubuya

Understanding the Role of Thai Aesthetics in Religion and the Potentiality of Thai Christian Aesthetics 

L. Keith Neigenfind, Jr.

Paradox of COVID-19: Communication Opened, Religion Closed and Social Distanced and Its Implications

Sebastian Periannan

The full PDF version can be found here

Vol. 17 No. 2, 2019

A Postcolonial Revalorization of the Good News through Mother Tongue-Based and Multilinugal Communication (MTB-MC)

Rico C. Jacoba

Types of Communication Strategies in Jainism: A Study of Jain Mendicants, Educators and Lay Persons

Bhumi Shah

Communicating Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life: Christology for the 21st Century Filipinos

Frederick F. Prevosa

The full PDF version can be found here.

Vol. 17 No. 1, 2019

The Effect of Digital Development on Church and Society in Southeast Asia: A Survey

Anthony Le Duc

Intercultural Communication in a Digital World

Franz Josef Eilers

Religious Communities in the Digital Era: Dynamic of “Believing” and “Belonging”

Gnana Patrick


Engaging Pope Francis’ Laudato Si in the Discourse on Environmental Communication

Jeramie N. Molino       

South Asian Voice of Changing Hindu Religious Contour and Digital Media

Binod C. Agrawal

The full PDF version can be found here.

Vol. 16 No. 2, 2018

Digital Expressions, Experiences and Challenges of and for Religions in Asia

Leo-Martin Angelo R. Ocampo    


Religion in Development Communication: An Inexorable Concept

Stanislaus Irudayaselvam

The Role of Inclusive Language in an Inter-religious Dialogue and Communications

Rico C. Jacoba and Jeramie N. Molino         


The full PDF version can be found here.                               

Vol. 16 No. 1, 2018

Religion and Social Communication in Asia: Towards a Research Agenda

Franz-Josef Eilers, svd

The Way, the Truth and the Life: Asian Religious Communication in the Post-Truth Climate

Anthony Le Duc, svd

Thai Cultural Signs and Symbols for Pastoral Communication

Amornkit Prompakdee

Resilience as a Growing Trend in Communication Research--Its Relation to Asian Religions

Jose S. Destura, Jr. 

Virtual Space and Inter/Intra-religious Dialogue

Gnana Patrick

The full PDF version can be found here.

Vol. 15 No. 2, 2017

Hindu Sanatan Dharma and Digital Media Adaptation in South Asia

Binod C. Agrawal

Buddhist Communication of the True Roots of the Ecological Crisis

Anthony Le Duc, svd

Communication Documents from and for Religions: Christianity

Franz-Josef Eilers, svd

The full PDF version can be found here

Vol. 15 No. 1, 2017

Religions and the Digital World of Asia: Some Considerations

Franz-Josef Eilers, svd

Religion in the Virtual Public Sphere: Nature and Dynamics
A Study Based on Selected Social Network Sites

G. Patrick

Digital Church in the 21st Century: A Case Study from India

Leslin Bastian

Muslim Religious Publics in Online and the Diasporic Malayali Muslims

in the United Arab Emirates: An Ethnographic Study

Ahammed Junain, NP

Goddess of the Nation: Semi-religious Iconography in the Digital Age

Unni Krishnan K

Language, Printing, Art and Education in the History of Early Christianity in the Philippines

Kenneth E. Rayco

The full PDF can be found here

Vol. 14 No. 2, 2016

How to Communicate in the Age of Web 4.0? Challenges and Possibilities for Religions in Asia

Leo-Martin R. Ocampo

Buddhist Environmentalism in the Digital Age

Anthony Le Duc, svd

A Study on the Usage of Online Media in Selected Temples in South Asia

Padma Rani

Multi-Religious Expressions of Non-Christian Students in a Christian School: the Digital Dimension

Jose S. Destura, Jr and Nelson V. Arnante

The Role and Impact of Digital Technology Use in Pilgrimages in Thanjavur Region, South India: An Investigation

Sebastian Periannan

Vol. 14 No.1, 2016


Digitizing—The New Sanskritizing

Chandrabhanu Pattanayak


The Political Economy of Digital Propaganda of Islamists Against Liberal and Secular Writers and Bloggers and Their Social Movements in Bangladesh: A Critical Inquiry

Abdur Razzaque Khan


‘Networked’ Religion in Network Society: The Case of Swaminarayan Sect

Mira and Kapil Desai


The Role of Multimedia in Islamic Teaching Propaganda (Da’wah): An Indonesian Experience

Gunawan Adnan


Vol. 13 No. 2, 2015


Religion in the Digital Space: Exploring its Dynamics with Reference to the Asian Context

G. Patrick


Cyber/Digital Theology: Rethinking about Our Relationship with God and Neighbor in the Digital Environment

Anthony Le Duc, svd


Oral Tradition of Jainism Discourse in the Wake of Digital and Social Media: A Communication Study of Jain Mendicants and Lay Persons

Komal Shah


Sanatan Dharma and Digital Media: The Process of Adaptation, Absorption and Assimilation in Hindu South Asia

Binod C. Agrawal

Vol. 13 No.1, 2015


Playing with the Gods: The Making and Un-making of the Baba

Chandrabhanu Pattanayak


Impact of New Communication Technology on the Shias of South Asia

Nadeem Husnain


Communicating Religious Dimension of Culture in the Traditional and New Social Media: The Christian Experience in India

Keval J. Kumar


Religious Aspects of Chinese New Year Celebration

John Mi Shen


New Media to Promote Religious Communication in Jainism: An Exploratory Study

Komal Shah


Social Media Use in Religious Communication: The Christian Migrants of Kerala, India

Leslin Bastian


Communication, Culture and Buddhism in Asia: Structural Adaptation and Integration of Digital Media

Binod C. Agrawal

Vol. 12 No.1, 2014


Competence in Social Communication and Religion A Christian Perspective

Franz-Josef Eilers, svd


Mythology and Society Continuum: A Study of An Indian Television Serial

Arbind Sinha


Dimensions of Society and Religion in Religions Communication Through the Internet: A Study Based on the Response of College Students in Chennai

Gnana Patrick


Influences of Religious Telecast in Multi-religious India 

Binod C. Agrawal


Religion, Culture and the ‘New’ Social Media in India: Critical Perspectives

Keval J. Kumar


Challenges for Religious Communication in New Social Status and Cultural Forms in Vietnamese Context

Anh Vu Ta


Vol. 11 No.2, 2013


Social Communication and Religion

Franz-Josef Eilers, svd


Communication Technology Impacts Thai Culture and Buddhist Way of Life

Samran Khansamrong


Religion and Social Communication in Changing Cultures of Asia: An Anthropological Perspective

S.M. Michael, svd


The Rediscovery of Religious Silence in the  Social Media Era: A Korean Case

Ignatius Kim Min-Soo


An Act of Faith: From the Spiritual to the Ritual

Chandrabhanu Pattanayak


Methods of Dhamma Preaching in Lanna

P.B. Saneh Ñānamedhī


Sufism: Religious Change in the Medieval Deccan (India)

Jagadeesh Kivudanavar

Vol. 11 No.1, 2013


Influences of Religions Telecast in a Multi-religious India: An Analysis of Hindu and Non-Hindu Television Viewers

Binod C. Agrawal

Exploring the Diegesis of the Haridasi Kirtan--A Critical Study

Sanjay Ranade


Jainism: Its Philosophical Tradition and Its Re-adaptation through Media and Communication

Komal Shah


Media and Sikh Religion: An Indian Perspective

B.S. Bhatia

Hinduism and Internet in 2010-12: An Essay on Websites, Blogs, Social Media, Censorship and ‘Internet Hindu’

Kiran Thakur and Achyut Vaze

Vol. 10 No.2, 2012


Asian Research Center for Religion and Social Communication: Origin and Activities

Franz-Josef Eilers, svd


The Communication Signatures of Religion - Re-evented in a Social Media Environment?

Thomas A. Bauer


Jesus Christ as Communicator: A Biblical Perspective

Lucien Legrand, mep


Unfolding Religious Communication System: A Methodological Approach

Sebastian Periannan