Call for Journal Submissions


RELIGION AND SOCIAL COMMUNICATION is the semi-annual scholarly journal of the Asian Research Center for Religion and Social Communication (ARC) based at St. John’s University, Bangkok, Thailand. The ARC aims to:

  • Facilitate, support and publish research on subjects related to Religion and Social Communication in Asia;

  • Promote related publications in the field;

  • Develop a network of interested researchers and institution;

  • Foster inter-religious dialogue and cooperation in the field.

RELIGION AND SOCIAL COMMUNICATION invites papers, book reviews and abstracts that provide scholarly insights into the fields of Religion and Social Communication in Asia. The journal welcomes contributions from graduate students and researchers who are interested to publish their academic work within the themes of Religion and Social Communication. The ARC reserves the right to accept or decline submitted contributions in order to meet the standards of the publication. We gratefully acknowledge all contributions.

For more information, including submissions, subscription and inquiries, please contact: