Digital Format of Volume 17 (2019) of Religion and Social Communication Out Now

Volume 17 (2019) of Religion and Social Communication is available at the ARC website. We hope that scholars in the field of Religion and Social Communication would find these articles helpful in their work and in their scholarly investigation.

We would like to thank our dear authors for their contributions and our reviewers who gave their time, effort and expertise in making this possible.

The following are the contributions in No. 1:

The Effect of Digital Development on Church and Society in Southeast Asia: A Survey

Anthony Le Duc (Thailand)

Intercultural Communication in a Digital World

Franz Josef Eilers (Philippines)

Religious Communities in the Digital Era: Dynamic of “Believing” and “Belonging”

Gnana Patrick (India)

Engaging Pope Francis’ Laudato Si in the Discourse on Environmental Communication

Jeramie N. Molino (Philippines)

South Asian Voice of Changing Hindu Religious Contour and Digital Media

Binod C. Agrawal (India)

For Volume 2, the articles are:

A Postcolonial Revalorization of the Good News through Mother Tongue-Based and Multilinugal Communication (MTB-MC)

Rico C. Jacoba (Philippines)

Types of Communication Strategies in Jainism: A Study of Jain Mendicants, Educators and Lay Persons

Bhumi Shah (India)

Communicating Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life: Christology for the 21st Century Filipinos

Frederick F. Prevosa (Philippines)

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