Issue 1, 2021 of ARC Journal Now Available Online

The first issue of the ARC Journal Religion and Social Communication for 2021 is now available for access at the ARC Website.

The following are the articles in this issue:

Editor’s Column

Religious Engagement in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Anthony Le Duc, SVD

In Memoriam: Franz-Josef Eilers, SVD (1932-2021)

Kenneth E. Rayco

Catholic Liturgical Teleparticipation Before and During the Pandemic, and Questions

for the New Normal

Leo-Martin Angelo R. Ocampo

Shaping Future Pastoral Leaders with Desirable Pastoral Skills in the Vietnam Church

Joseph Nguyen Manh Ha, OP

The Concept of Pluralistic Society in Qur’anic Perspectives

Sulaiman Rifal

The Communicative Role of Camillian Chaplains in their Pastoral Ministry

during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Vince Henry M. Salles

Muslim Youth and State Building: Challenges and Opportunities

Aina-Obe Shamsuddin Bolatito

A special section in this issue is dedicated in honor of Fr. Franz-Josef Eilers, svd, PhD, longtime ARC Executive Director.